" Aloha my friends both plumed and featherless...

    I am Prince Kekoa Moa, Lord of the Flock and Ambassador of our beautiful Garden Isle. Welcome to Kauai! It is with the utmost pleasure and honor we share with you the culture and gifts of our beloved island. 

    I was born on Kauai, the son of Princes, descendants of the ancient flock reaching back in time beyond the court of the last featherless High Chief King Kaumualii. It is rumored my sweetheart Princess Noelani is descended from the flock of the Goddess Kaiona of Oahu- mysterious birds who could guide anyone lost in the forest back to their companions. I believe this to be true, but she has never spoken of it herself. 

    Come my friends, share our peaceful shores, pristine beaches, protected forests and waterfalls. Let the island reveal her quiet coconut grove, entice you with the call of the conch shells and teach you the ancient hula and fire dances. While you are feasting on roasted pork cooked beneath the ground, island fruits and exotic cocktails, we will be watching over you, taking care of everything. We will share with you the island lore and legends, but most of all...we wish for you complete relaxation and enjoyment of each moment here with us. 

    Time is slower here, so linger over the sunset, let the sea and sand caress you, watch the moon rise reflected in the waves. When you hear us crow, know we're calling out to you, our fellow Islanders, announcing the sunrise, protecting the island and expressing the joy which can't help but fill all who experience our beautiful island home."